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[:en]TOP-5 Hard Skills of e-learning specialist by Miroslav Botsula[:ru]TOP-5 Hard Skills e-learning специалиста. Версия Мирослава Боцулы [:]

[:en]It is quite difficult to determine the responsibilities, which a corporate e-learning specialist should carry out. If you look at the issues that are discussed at profile conferences, communities, and e-learning specialists forums, then you might think that such an expert is not an ordinary person, but some sort of multi-handed Hindu god Shiva who should do everything from administrating LMS database to creating and translating training videos.
Such a multitasking of work duties is a norm for this sphere. E-learning is a high-tech activity and actually should be handled by the team working at the company’s department of distance learning. However, each team member shouldn’t be an e-learning specialist.

About the team:

Let’s try to individuate 5 Hard Skills, which e-learning specialist must necessarily possess as a member of the e-learning team.

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[:ru]”Всегда интересно, что движет людьми, которые решают делать e-learning у себя в компании” – организатор E-learning Bootcamp “El`Lab” Мирослав Боцула[:]

[:ru]Через две недели состоится первый в Украине формат E-learning Bootcamp “El`Lab”. А сегодня мы хотим познакомить вас с организатором “El`Lab”  – СЕО “Collaborator” Мирославом Боцулой. На “El`Lab” Мирослав будет ментором первого дня.

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