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Collaborator 1.38.0 — “Service desk” tool, files in tasks of Individual Plan, news text in email dispatch and many more

We released Collaborator v. 1.38.0!

In this release:

  1. Requests for professional development
  2. Service desk for automation of business processes
  3. Attaching files to Individual Plan tasks
  4. Administrator’s chat without user confirmation
  5. Displaying news text in email

Give employees the opportunity to confirm their qualifications through requests, add files to Individual Plans, attract employees to read news through email dispatch. More details in this digest:

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Collaborator v. 1.22.0 – Workshop as elearning. Improved Chat. New question type for tests ✨

In this version:

  • Chat. Browser notifications, markers with count new messages, attachment files, search for a chat and many other improvements
  • Workshop. New features for the organization of individual learning activities, the issuance of individual tasks, their checking and commenting
  • “Selecting on image” – a new type of test question in which you need to specify the object in the picture
  • Service of typographic design styles for Resouces pages
  • Numerous improvements

solved about 100 tasks for the development, optimization and improvement.

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Collaborator v. 1.21.0 – Chat in elearning portal, group and personal communications channels 💬

New features in Collaborator v.1.21.0:

  • Chat  – group and personal channels of communication.
  • Course – customize finish page
  • Numerous improvements:
    • Reports. Show statistics by tasks participants.
    • Tasks list. Number of unchecked answers in tests task.
    • Resources. Allow to download original documents, that was converted in HTML-pages.
    • Polls. Who voted for that?
    • Polls 360°. Managers have access to reports of competency assessment his employees.
    • Course edit page refactoring
    • The lock print option for web-portal pages
    • “External ID” in User Profile

    solved more than 70 tasks of development, optimization and improvement.

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