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Collaborator has become an internal portal of “Trust” bank

How to train personnel if staff number exceeds hundreds of people and branch offices are spread out across the country?

Zlata Lupilina, former director of staff learning and quality assurance department at “Trust” bank. She held this position from May to December 2016. At the end of the year, the bank was found to be insolvent and National Bank of Ukraine started liquidation proceedings.


When I joined “Trust”, the recent project for development of retail lending network had started there and the bank had been massively recruiting new specialists. Our department consisting of three members had received two tasks from the executive team: to set up learning process for new employees and to organize training for current ones. We had to launch a program, which would allow to train staff as proficient as possible with minimal financial and time expenditures.

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Collaborator v.1.25 – “Catalog of courses” evolution and new abilities of creative learning

Collaborator v.1.25.0 release – lots of essential improvements:

  1. Approach for providing learning materials at user’s option is worked over.
    – Catalog of courses is rearranged into Catalog of tasks;
    – Catalog is available for Guests;
    – Task creation process is modernized;
    – New filters for task management.
  2. New type of question is available in polls – “Evaluate on scale”.
  3. New functions in tests.
    – Importing of free-answer questions;
    – Setting tags for test questions;
    – New way of test question sampling – “By one question from each group”.
  4. Test protocol for SCORM courses.
  5. Notifying users about news.
  6. Inserting of audio resource into resource-pages.
  7. Improvement of main portal’s page.
  8. Automatic termination of expired tasks.
  9. Many minor improvements:
    – Number of mandatory fields in user sign up form is reduced;
    – Notifying Administrators about self-facilitated sign up by new users;
    – Notifying Users about changes in their email, login or password conducted by Administrators;
    – New portal options: “do not overwrite login at import” and “prohibit login changing”;
    – Directors may review reports on their subordinates participation in webinars;
    – Directors may accept or refuse requests for additional testing attempts;
    – “Manage only own training programs” right is added for roles;
    – Reminders about enabling of browser notifications;
    – Group operations of assigning notices to user are enhanced;
    – Workshop discussion protocol could be printed out;
    – Removing of text formatting in WYSIWYG editor is improved.

Totally, more than 150 changes aimed at development of functionality and improvement of new system functions operation are implemented.
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Как обучать перегруженных сотрудников?

 По материалам публикации Елены Тихомировой.


Много обучения – много новой информации. А как быть, если сотрудник и так перегружен? Мы уже работали со слушателями в условиях информационной перегрузки. Информационная перегрузка особенно заметно влияет на процесс электронного обучения.

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Мотивация рублем (репост)

Попалось описание постановки обучения сотрудников-новичков  в сети супермаркетов. Немного устарело (статья 2010 года ), но принцип организации учебного процесса показан правильно.

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Принцип реализации дистанционного обучения в двух абзацах

Хочу процитировать Александру Козинцеву (США)  в ее сообщении на форуме “Аналитическая группа “ПрофиДО” – Критерии оценки системы ДО в организации” – В двух абзацах рассказан принцип реализации дистанционного обучения в США.

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