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(Русский) Гостевая книга: обучаем некорпоративных пользователей – дилеров торговых сетей

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Collaborator 1.36.0 — Badges, covers for resources, new level in category tree and other updates

We released Collaborator v.1.36.0!

In the current release:

  1. Badges as element of gamification
  2. Cover for resources
  3. Confirmation by user that document has been studied
  4. Displaying of the third level in category tree
  5. “Resource Author” column
  6. Updated report for Executives

Create awards to motivate employees, make your resources look even more attractive and see resource’s Author in a separate column! Read about this in the digest:

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1.33.0 – Special reports, changes in Birthdays, displaying of tasks in Catalog, and many more

We released Collaborator version 1.33.0!

We implemented new functionality for Summary reports, additional fields in User profile and a filter in Birthdays. In addition, there are new types of reminders for Tasks and new settings for displaying of Contacts in the system.

  1. Custom reports page
  2. New features in Summary Reports
  3. Birthdays filter
  4. Dispatching of Birthdays notifications: new settings
  5. Displaying of selected tasks in Catalog
  6. Information about business contacts – a new field in User profile + “Assignment date to current position”
  7. Reminders about status of own tasks limited by date
  8. Reminders about beginning of tasks with calendar period
  9. Contacts display settings

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Collaborator 1.29.0 – Checklists, Contacts and Simplified access to course materials

The next 29th version of the e-Learning and staff development platform “Collaborator” is released.
We improved the internal mechanisms of the platform, created two new functions – Checklists and Contacts. Furthermore, we changed access to additional course materials and made many other improvements.

In this release:

1. Checklists – a tool for verification and evaluation
2. Contacts – a contact directory of your organization
3. Change of access to additional course materials
4. Creation of notices for webinars
5. Birthdays widget – changed appearance
6. Chat – sending of mp3 files is enabled
7. Changing in titles of Wiki articles
8. Checkpoints in Working Tasks
9. Prevention of autonomous password change
10. Optimization of courses, tests and complex tests

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Collaborator v. 1.21.0 – Chat in elearning portal, group and personal communications channels 💬

New features in Collaborator v.1.21.0:

  • Chat  – group and personal channels of communication.
  • Course – customize finish page
  • Numerous improvements:
    • Reports. Show statistics by tasks participants.
    • Tasks list. Number of unchecked answers in tests task.
    • Resources. Allow to download original documents, that was converted in HTML-pages.
    • Polls. Who voted for that?
    • Polls 360°. Managers have access to reports of competency assessment his employees.
    • Course edit page refactoring
    • The lock print option for web-portal pages
    • “External ID” in User Profile

    solved more than 70 tasks of development, optimization and improvement.

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