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Collaborator 1.31.0 – New in “360 Polls”, list of the nearest Birthdays, notifications to managers about tasks of subordinates

Recently we released Collaborator v. 1.31.0.

We present list of the nearest Birthdays and notifications to managers about tasks of subordinates as well as updated chat and changed map of user sessions, and much more.

  1. “Manual” selection of respondents in 360 polls
  2. Separate page for “Birthdays” and automatic dispatch of birthday greetings
  3. We keep managers informed about tasks of subordinates
  4. New analytics – user behavior map
  5. Recognizing of time zones in Webinars
  6. Updated chat – capability to add several Moderators
  7. Cancelling of task on user’s choice only before completing
  8. “Confidentially” option in Polls
  9. Receiving notifications by e-mail about updates in Knowledge Base

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Collaborator v. 1.21.0 – Chat in elearning portal, group and personal communications channels 💬

New features in Collaborator v.1.21.0:

  • Chat  – group and personal channels of communication.
  • Course – customize finish page
  • Numerous improvements:
    • Reports. Show statistics by tasks participants.
    • Tasks list. Number of unchecked answers in tests task.
    • Resources. Allow to download original documents, that was converted in HTML-pages.
    • Polls. Who voted for that?
    • Polls 360°. Managers have access to reports of competency assessment his employees.
    • Course edit page refactoring
    • The lock print option for web-portal pages
    • “External ID” in User Profile

    solved more than 70 tasks of development, optimization and improvement.

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Опросы 360° в Collaborator v.1.4.0

Новое в этой версии

  • Опросы 360°
  • Библиотека компетенций – критерии и шкалы оценивания
  • Оптимизация пользовательского интерфейса
  • Более 120 улучшений и оптимизаций

Больше информации и возможность заказать демо доступ на нашем сайте!

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