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Now in development

2.1.0 –

  • Personal Development Plan (PDP) – Assignment of responsible employees for task performing 
  • Personal Development Plan (PDP) – Export to Excel
  • Personal Development Plan (PDP) – Notification about the task assignment in the user PDP
  • Management by Objectives (MBO) – New option for tasks “Not public”
  • Management by Objectives (MBO) – Checkboxes to mark the implementation of KPI
  • Work Tasks -Templates for Work Task

History releases

1.39.x –

  • API functions for importing the organizational structure added
  • The attribute City is added to the birthday reminder template
  • Task reminders for 360-degree polls
  • Editing the description of the criteria group in the polls 360 using the wysiwyg editor
  • The marks of each colleague and subordinate are displayed separately in the 360-degree polls
  • Authorization through GSuite with domain restriction for closed portals implemented
  • API – the date of the first call to the task and the date of receiving the assessment is added to the user’s learning history

1.39.0 – 27.06.2018

  • Paid access to content in Collaborator
  • Adding comments to criteria groups of 360° polls
  • Exporting reports on 360° polls to Excel
  • Filtering by user status
  • Security log: displaying of changes in user profile data
  • More contact information in Organizational structure

1.38.0 – 18.04.2018

  • Requests for professional development
  • Service desk for automation of business processes
  • Attaching files to Individual Plan tasks
  • Administrator’s chat without user confirmation
  • Displaying news text in the email

1.37.0 – 20.03.2018

  • Cancelling of the assigned task via the employee profile
  • Delay of assigning by automation rule
  • Additional user filter – “Assignment” column
  • Replacement of iceberg by the funnel in success review infographics
  • Gallery resource in email notifications
  • Additional Settings for Birthdays

1.36.0 – 21.02.2018

  • Badges as an element of gamification
  • Cover for resources
  • Confirmation by the user that document has been studied
  • Displaying of the third level in the category tree
  • “Resource Author” column
  • Updated report for Executives

1.35.0 – 23.01.2018 

  • Migration to Angular 5
  • Personal development plans for employees
  • Unsubscribe function
  • Restricting access to selection of training tasks in Catalog
  • Saving Summary Report settings to Templates for reuse
  • Filter in Task Calendar

1.34.0 – 14.12.2017

  • Integration of Collaborator with Easygenerator
  • Users may see comments on received marks
  • Users may see own marks based on evaluation scale rule
  • Sending reminders about opening of Training elements
  • Hints for program elements in reports


  • update in Custom reports – export to PDF
  • task completion period was added to exported reports
  • quick transition from User data card to Study history
  • quick transition from Request for a new attempt to test protocol
  • more information about birthday person in Birthdays reminders
  • notifications about missed Chat messages
  • new format of exporting poll report to Excel

1.33.0 –  07.11.2017

  • Custom reports page
  • New features in Summary Reports
  • Birthdays filter
  • Dispatching of Birthdays notifications: new settings
  • Displaying of selected tasks in Catalog
  • Information about business contacts – a new field in User profile + “Assignment date to current position”
  • Reminders about status of own tasks limited by date
  • Reminders about the beginning of tasks with calendar period
  • Contacts display settings

1.32.0 – 02.10.2017

  • Migration to Angular 4
  • Training program — scheduling of access
  • Filter and Task calendar for Moderators
  • Notifications about changes in tasks
  • Displaying answers as tiles
  • Login via ADFS

1.31.0 – 15.08.2017

  • “Manual” selection of respondents in 360 polls
  • Separate page for “Birthdays” and automatic dispatch of birthday greetings
  • We keep managers informed about tasks of subordinates
  • New analytics – user behavior map
  • Recognizing of time zones in Webinars
  • Updated chat – capability to add several Moderators
  • Cancelling of task on user’s choice only before completing
  • “Confidentially” option in Polls
  • Receiving notifications by e-mail about updates in Knowledge Base

1.30.0 – 12.07.2017

  • Validation of SCORM-resources — functioning test of interactive SCORM-course
  • Task calendar – the first stage in planning of training
  • “Management by objectives” – tool for employee engagement
  • News archive
  • News types
  • “Refuse” function in tasks on user’s choice
  • Modification and improvement in polls, voting, workshops, webinars and resources:
    – Applying of style for webinars, meetups, and workshops
    – Follow-up mailing of login details
    – Automatic mailing of notices
    – Inserting of webinar into Program structure

1.29.0 – 11.06.2017

  • Checklists – a tool for verification and evaluation
  • Contacts – a contact directory of your organization
  • Change of access to additional course materials
  • Creation of notices for webinars
  • Birthdays widget – changed appearance
  • Chat – sending of mp3 files is enabled
  • Changing in titles of Wiki articles
  • Checkpoints in Working Tasks
  • Prevention of autonomous password change
  • Optimization of courses, tests and complex tests

1.28.0 – 20.04.2017

  • Tracking of email dispatch
  • Updating of Learning Programs in Tasks
  • Group assigning for roles
  • Speeding up of Performance in Tests, Webinars, and Meetups
  • Autosearching of Resources by name
  • Description of Program elements
  • Adding Meetups into Programs
  • New option for birthday greetings
  • Active Directory synchronization

1.27.0 — 01.03.2017

  • New type of Information resource — “Long Read”. Long Read editor
  • Training programs. Мeetups in Training programs, success threshold, sections
  • ETutorium webinars integration
  • Coauthorship in courses
  • Period of the employee’s work in the company in User profile
  • New capabilities of Information blocks

1.26.0 — 27.01.2017

  • Meetups.  They are used for managing participant list and sharing information about offline training, workshop, conference, etc.
  • Catalog.Filter on tasks available, meetups in the «On user choice» Catalog
  • Сhat. Аdded into chat group based on Automation rules, reviewing at mobile devices is improved
  • User profile. Performance indicator from external systems
  • Forum. Sorting of topics, Forum search function, possibility to transfer topics from one section to another
  • Resources. “Resource author” option, аutomatic formatting of HTML-code, Image editing capabilities and many more improvements

1.25.0 — 07.11.2016

  • “Catalog of courses” is rearranged into “Catalog of tasks”: Modernizations in creating of tasks, filters for task management, Catalog categories, Catalog for guests
  • Polls. Type of question — «Evaluate on scale»
  • Tests. Importing/exporting free answer questions, tags for test questions, question groups
  • Test protocol for SCORM
  • Notifying users about news
  • Audio resources in resource-pages
  • Main page — Information block widgets  in three columns
  • Automatic termination of expired tasks

1.24.0 — 13.09.2016

  • Prohibition of using the portal for testing
  • Workshop. «Iceberg» of academic performance review, “Print” button for the the whole conversation protocol, export of workshop report data in Excel,  browser push-messages, Director access to report
  • Information Blocks  with HTML-content
  • Monitoring of work tasks solving
  • Reports. Transition to reports on each program or course element, “Verification pending” status at program or course element

1.23.0 – 08.2016

  • Chat.Оrdering of search results, textarea increases its height with the appearance of new rows in text
  • Update of WYSIWYG editor. Function «Clean format»
  • Workshops in Courses and Programs
  • «Optimistic» and «Pessimistic» import of users
  • Enhanced security — password policy, CAPCHA, scan uploaded files for viruses,  security log — daily safety report
  • Сhart for analysis in the summary report
  • Search function for Course Catalog
  • Badge of count for new and unsuccessfully done tasks, badge «waiting for check» for test tasks
  • Polls 360 – new option for selection of respondents
  • Improved editor for question with HTML picture map

1.22.0 – 12.07.2016

  • Templates of typographic styles
  • Chat. Brouser notice, badgets for new messadges, attach files, search for chat and many more improvements
  • Workshop. New features for the organization of individual learning activities, the issuance of individual tasks, their checking and commenting
  • “Selecting by image” – a new type of test questions that requires specify true object in the picture
  • Service of typographic design templates styles
  • Tool for application typographic design templates to Resources-pages

1.21.0 – 02.06.2016

  • Export / import SCORM-resourse
  • Tasks – New type – “individual task”
  • Chat. Create channel for group & personal talk
  • Reports. Showing number users whos match by current filter and statistics by completion statuses of tasks
  • Tasks. For tests show budget with number of answers to check.
  • Resource. Allow to download original file that was transform to current respurce-page.
  • Polls. For non-anonymous surveys will know who voted for what.
  • Polls 360. Heads have access to the reports of competency.
  • Refactoring edit course page
  • Refactoring page of assign users to task – replace filters of “Active” and “Blocked” to “Assigned”
  • Option Lock Print in the portal settings
  • Field “External ID” in the user profile settings for data synchronization with the personnel system

1.20.0 – 04.05.2016

  • Templates service  for the WYSIWYG editor
  • Simplification structure of the Forum
  • Forum – locked topics and message encryption
  • Tags for training tasks
  • Infographics in the protocols the Complex Test Results
  •  Recalculation of test results
  • Sorting test questions
  • Browser Report Post for Moderator
  • Unloading to MS Excel requests for testing attempts
  • Showing the progress of Programs

1.19.0 – 31.03.2016

  • Optimization of function “Complex Test”
  • Option of counting result for the complex test
  • Statistics in the report of the task
  • Improved “History teaching”
  • Autosave test questions
  • Widget “active and effective”
  • Sorting questions in the poll
  • The ability to enter the task after the expiration passage
  • Export of test questions in text format

1.18.0 – 01.03.2016

  • Complex testing – the continued development
  • Simulators with responsive design
  • Show  in plan of the course progress of the current resource reading
  • Tracking Forum messages
  • New type of test questions – by comparison logic pairs
  • Autosave for editing a resource page

1.17.0 – 03.02.2016

  • Recoring sessions of Webinars
  • Integration with Google Documents
  • Started development of tools for comprehensive testing
  • Copy questions from test to test
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA)
  • Reminders about the forgotten tasks
  • Widget Announcements for all
  • Work tasks – subordinate creates a  request to supervisor
  • Work tasks – as “observer” becomes “participant”
  • Report webinars

1.16.0 – 13.01.2016 – 76 tasks

  • Task “Webinar”
  • Button “detail” in the widget “Now in the system”
  • Improving wysiwyg-editor
  • Allocation of new comments in the “Moderation”
  • Setting the background image for the menu
  • Average response time test

1.15.0 – 25.12.2015 – 111  tasks

  • Converting the results on the            scales
  • Co-authors of the resource
  • Shows the results of the test to answer the question
  • Explain why test scores have not yet received
  • Nesting “tiles” on tests of classification
  • A summary report on the test           results
  • Restrictions on assignment workload
  • Structural folder in the organizational structure
  • Option “autoplay” for media resources
  • Forum – attach resources to answers
  • Automation destination of ads
  • Unit tests

1.14.0 – 27.11.2015 – 114 tasks

  •  Animation in resources-pages
  • The new resource – Audio files
  • One resource in several categories
  • Improving the search the Knowledge Base
  • SVG – files in the Gallery
  • Go to the editing of resources Course Plan
  • Tests – Insert Resource in the wording of the question
  • Optimize converting various file formats
  • Allow to download the original file for the converted resources
  • Users with the post of the head marked with a “star”

1.13.0 – 30.10.2015 – 95 tasks

  • Wiki – import of articles from MS Word (converter from Word to Markdown)
  • Searching resources by tags in the Knowledge Base
  • New access permissions
  • Refactoring access permissions (Director)
  • Knowledge Base Report
  • Exporting users to  MS Excel
  • Resource File. SVG
  • Available original presentation files
  • Refactoring authorization on Facebook and Google +

1.12.0 – 01.10.2015 – 91 tasks

  • Users rating
  • Updating Summary Report
  • The new WYSIWYG editor
  • Resource categories in the Knowledge Base
  • Access Restriction to the resources of the Knowledge Base
  • Notification when updating the Knowledge Base
  • Converting of Word to resource pages
  • The number of new tasks in “My Tasks”
  • Comments to the User’s account
  • Date of change of the resource
  • Changes in course plan

1.11.0 – 02.09.2015 – 65 tasks

  • Rating of courses
  • Widget – Happy Birthday
  • Widget – success for posts
  • Comparing articles in Wiki
  • The number of times the test menu requests
  • Users Names in Latin
  • Push notification when the appointment / Ad
  • Import / export of templates for WYSIWYG-editor
  • Reminders of unclimbed task
  • Preview – protocol operation with the resource

1.10.0 – 18.08.2015 – 144 tasks

  • Using layout and design templats in editing Resources pages
  • Multiple selection filters on the list of values
  • Simple ads
  • Comments in the tasks
  • Analysis of User’s crossing at System
  • Inserting hyperlinks in presentations
  • Content indexing resource types SCORM, HTML-site, Presentation
  • Improvements and fixes

1.9.0 – 16.07.2015 – 97 tasks

  • Automatic conversion of video files to MP4 format
  • Adding subtitles to the downloaded video files
  • Improvements in automation editing rules
  • Tests – placing “tiles” for variants answers
  • Autosave Wiki Articles
  • Information block “The success of the regions”
  • Country and City in the report of user sessions
  • Conversion files presentation from PPT, PPTX to format Presentation Collaborator
  • Deadline for the task – the date or period of days from the date of appointment.
  • Improvements and fixes

1.8.0 – 25.06.2015 – 101 tasks

  • Faster loading and operation of the system
  • Service automatic sending of SMS-notifications
  • Polls: free-response question
  • Restricting access: The head of the information and reports sees only his subordinates
  • Added filters for working with lists from mobile devices
  • Moderating comments
  • Resource Type – Book EPUB
  • Resource Type – Page Markdown

1.7.5 – 11.06.2015 – 55 tasks

  • Improving the operation of testing on mobile devices
  • Convenient display tests for mobile
  • Сards view instead of a table for a list of users and tasks
  • The new authorization form on the portal
  • Optimization infographic reports for mobile devices

1.7.0 – 26.05.2015 – 132 tasks

  • Tests: the type of question by ordering
  • Tests: the type of question by classification
  • Infographics and dynamic charts in reports
  • Forum – moderated posts
  • UI changes
  • Improvements and fixes

1.6.0 – 23.04.2015 – 193 tasks

  • Automation training and appointment of tasks
  • Diagram of user activity
  • Converting PDF-files in the presentation Collaborator
  • Improved insertion resource in resource – adding video resources
  • Updating: Forum sections sorting and topic pin up

1.5.0 – 24.03.2015 – 174 tasks

  • Correspondence: The mail exchange (administrator sends a message to multiple users).
  • Resending-mail messages sent from the Journal
  • Presentation – a functional of rotation objects
  • Progress test taking
  • Training programs

1.4.0 – 30.01.2015 – 253 tasks

  • Improving interface: the left side of the menu commands for system control and information, and the right – a user command
  • Improving interface: type of report in the polls
  • Library of competences – criteria and the scale of evaluation
  • 360-degree feedback

1.3.1 – 12.01.2015 – 76 tasks

  • Organizational structure
  • Analysis of test validity questions
  • Polls and voting: a choice of several answers to the question
  • Polls and voting: enter your text as “your answer”
  • Using SVG images in presentations

1.3.0  – 18.12.2015 – 102 tasks

  • Graber pages in information resource
  • Polls and voting: creation of poll, mapping for users, collect responses, displaying results
  • Polls and voting: choose one answer to a question
  • Editor presentations and new resource – presentations
  • Knowledge Base (resources), search in the Knowledge Base + wiki + News + Forum

1.2.0 –  10.12.2015 – 64 tasks

  • Import users indicating the positions, divisions and cities
  • Protocol of import users
  • Filtering users by positions, departments and city
  • Setting the location of the default widget for the role

1.1.0 – 24.11.2014 – 53 tasks

  • Comments for the educational tasks
  • Watching for work tasks
  • Resources: Support courses in SCORM format
  • Questions to check: the mapping users marks

0.2.5 – 12.11.2014 – 60  tasks

  • Individual setting the Main Page
  • Forum – changes
  • Tool “Notifications” about the events confirmation review
  • Information block: “Notifications”

0.2.4 – 03.11.2014 – 67 tasks

  • Wiki – use extended markup language Markdown
  • Tasks: the option “type” list of values configured by the administrator
  • Editing tool marks
  • Applications for teaching: tool processing applications for a course (free, with confirmation, on the appointment)
  • Logging of input and references to resources
  • Notifications: pop-up notifications on the scheduled task
  • Notifications: pop-up notifications of replies in the forum
  • Correspondence: automatic configuration tool the mailing emails
  • Report: Session of users
  • Report: handling resources

0.2.3 – 23.10.14 – 130  tasks

  • Tasks: deadline for the task, the priority, assigned work tasks, discussion, change of status and monitoring their implementation


  • Course: parameter exhibiting the final grade “the average score”
  • Course: parameter determining the success of the course, “Threshold of passage in%”

0.1.9 –

  • News functional. Creating news feed, the output on the front page of the latest news.
  • Information block: “News”
  • Information block: “Who is with us?” – Show who is now working in the system
  • Forum prototype
  • Wiki – page versioning, change history with the ability to roll back to a previous version of the page
  • Wiki – tools downloading and using (insert) images

0.1.8 –

  • Export / Import Resources, tests and courses
  • Resources: group assignment label
  • Roles: the right of access to generate reports
  • Processing of applications for training course
  • View mode courses, tests and resources for Instructors
  • Wiki (Markdown)

0.1.7 –

  • Tests: the ability to display answers the question in the given order
  • Roles: the right to view user profiles
  • History of training Users
  • Accelerate download on your mobile device via EDGE
  • Courses: group binding to Course categories