Online Training using Collaborator. “Kovbas market” case story

“Kovbas market” is a retail network specialized in selling high quality sausage products and cheese. Currently it consists of 50 retail outlets mostly in Dnipro and Zaporizhzhya regions. c58175_7a23b496a00e47569033774727faecca-mv2

About 200 people work at the company, but the network grows and the number of employees increases constantly. That is why company management faces an issue of how to train personnel competently and fast.

Денис Кравченко - HR-директор компании "Ковбас Маркет"

Denis Kravchenko – HR-director at “Kovbas market”

Company’s HR-director Denis Kravchenko implemented remote education system. Now, all shop assistants at “Kovbas market” learn online using Collaborator platform.

We interviewed Denis about his Collaborator experience:

Remote education has two main advantages.  The first – it is cheaper than traditional. The second – people may study new information in a very short time and uptaking of content could be easily verified by tests.

I knew long ago about Collaborator. I was keeping track of its development in social networks. I decided to test the system when I was looking for remote education service to be used at “Kovbas market”. Moreover, I remained satisfied after trying demo version.


User page in Collaborator

Currently, remote education share in corporate training at “Kovbas market” equals to 70%. We are going to slightly change our approach to trainings. There will be online education as well offline: trainings, executives’ school, majors course, etc. However, the remote education portion would amount to 50%.

Shop assistants are taught by one course and administrators by another. Personnel could be divided into groups and sub-groups in Collaborator and each group could receive own educational work. For example, we have 2 groups of shop assistant: regular and tutor. The last-mentioned have additional course about teaching regulars.

Each of our outlets is equipped with a tablet PC and shop assistants are allowed to use it for reviewing Collaborator courses. However, it is possible to study using smart phone or home computer. Anyone could choose preferable device. Most employees study during working hours when they have idle moments. However, statistics shows that there are those who visits the system before the working hours, e.g. at 7 am or in the evenings.


Training courses assigned to shop assistants in “Kovbas market”

For me, Collaborator primarily is a huge knowledge base, which is convenient to use. All instruction and guidelines are stored in one place and could be easily updated with no confusion threat.

Shop assistant’s training consists of two units. The first – salesman charter. Our constitution so to say. It is a list of instructions telling what shop assistants have to do during working day, how products should be displayed in a store and accepted at delivery, how to hand over the shift, how to communicate with customers, etc. The second unit is product knowledge. The employees have to be familiar with the difference between uncooked smoked sausage and raw cured one, as well as with distinctive features in types of uncooked smoked sausage.

When a person comes to work with us, first he or she goes in for probation period and then in for apprenticeship. All together, it takes up to 3 week time. Most of the theoretical materials has to be mastered during the first 7 days. Immediately we provide the probationer with an access to Collaborator and assign him the educational course called “Probationer program”. So, the person learns step by step. One theme is learned and the test is taken. If the test is passed – user could go further. If it is failed – the theme must be studied again. At the end of the first week, the probationer takes the final course test in Collaborator. This grade together with a mark for practical skills given by a tutor would determine whether the person would be hired.

New training course is assigned to shop assistants every week. They have two weeks to master it and pass the test. The grade given for such interim training affects employee’s aggregate rating, category and salary accordingly.


Graph shows time period spent by employees in Collaborator system

Performance review in the company is conducted once a quarter. All employees have to pass a complex test in Collaborator. The grade given for it together with the grade for interim tests assemble 30% of the aggregate rating, which has a direct impact on employees’ income. The rating is also influenced by a number of KPIs: sales, quality of service, etc.

The fact that salary is linked to educational results motivates people to study. At first, when we were just launching Collaborator, some employees were taking a dim view of this innovation. Nevertheless, the system was accepted quite fast. Now people know each Monday or Tuesday they would be assigned with a new course to pass. We do not even have to remind – system notifies everyone.

We took an opinion poll among our employees, and implementation of Collaborator was perceived as positive change.


About half of company employees took part in anonymous voluntary poll during the first 3 days

Reports are awesomely enabled in Collaborator. I enter the system and straight away I can see how many people passed the course and grades given them. It is possible to get known about how often the system was visited by a specific employee, how much time was spent him or her there, how many attempts were used to pass separate test and its’ results. Graphical visualization is a big plus. Everything is spread before the eyes.


Passing test statistics is displayed in a form of an iceberg. Above the line part is percent of employees who passed the test and below the line is percent of those who failed and did not take the test.

The series of video clips about high-quality customer service were filmed directly in our retail outlets. We are going to upload the clips into Collaborator soon, so the shop assistants would be able to learn from them. I believe that our customers would feel positive outcomes.

Кравченко Денис HRD in KMI am an adherent to constant advancing and self-developing. If the work is not pleasurable – it is not profitable to anyone. Transparent and open relationship with an employer is a key to productive, interesting and motivating work.


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