TOP-5 Hard Skills of e-learning specialist by Miroslav Botsula

It is quite difficult to determine the responsibilities, which a corporate e-learning specialist should carry out. If you look at the issues that are discussed at profile conferences, communities, and e-learning specialists forums, then you might think that such an expert is not an ordinary person, but some sort of multi-handed Hindu god Shiva who should do everything from administrating LMS database to creating and translating training videos.
Such a multitasking of work duties is a norm for this sphere. E-learning is a high-tech activity and actually should be handled by the team working at the company’s department of distance learning. However, each team member shouldn’t be an e-learning specialist.

About the team:

Let’s try to individuate 5 Hard Skills, which e-learning specialist must necessarily possess as a member of the e-learning team.

1. Instructional Design

Instructional Design or Instructional Systems Design is a branch of science concerned with the development of effective, rational and comfortable training methods and systems. In the context of corporate e-learning, its task is to develop effective methods of e-learning using web technologies.
The following course of the instructional design means having a systematic approach to the organization of the training process. Thus, be able to form a unified system of training objectives, educational material, and knowledge of transfer tools. This also includes the ability to create effective training content – training material, its style, a sequence of presentation, ways of presenting the material, ways to control knowledge and techniques of involving in learning.

About Instructional Design:

2. Copywriting

Most training resources are created based on existing documents, publications, instructions, etc. We all understand perfectly well that just reading of the source materials is not the most effective way to learn anything. The goals of such reading are not always clear and such raw material contain a lot of redundant information, which leads to wasting of precious time. In other words, it is necessary to process the material for training purposes to obtain a quality educational resource. The e-learning specialist cannot do without editing skills and some sense of literary style.

About Copywriting:

3. Describing business processes

Corporate e-learning is part of the company’s processes and its purpose is to automate training. In this context, the e-learning specialist should be able to find answers to the following questions:
Which training processes can be automated?
How to align training process with daily work?
What is impossible to automate now? And why?
The function of the e-learning specialist is the understanding of company’s business processes construction, the processes’ interaction, and having skills to describe such processes in the corporate e-learning.

About business processes:

4. HTML + CSS + JS

E-learning is a web-based technology. It is impossible to work in eLearning without basic knowledge of how WWW operates. The skills of creating web pages, proficiency in CSS and JS are important for the everyday work of an e-learning specialist. These skills are useful for completing own tasks and being proficient in assigning technical tasks to other team members along with accepting completed work.

WWW basics:

5. Web analytics

It is important to be able to determine and manage e-learning effectiveness. It is difficult to lead training processes, and almost impossible to properly monitor and rationally develop these processes without web analytics skills. Namely, determining the training metrics, monitoring its dynamics, conducting experiments and finding patterns of change.

About Web analytics:

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  1. Владимир Наумов

    Хороший список! Усомнюсь только, что педдизайн лежит в сфере hard skills, по крайне мере не все его модели. Даже системно ориентированная модель педдизайна вряд ли может быть целиком к жестким отнесена. Но для постсоветского состояния дел, пожалуй, соглашусь с Вами, Мирослав Боцула. Мы и с хард скиллзами еще не научились работать


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