Collaborator 1.31.0 – New in “360 Polls”, list of the nearest Birthdays, notifications to managers about tasks of subordinates

Recently we released Collaborator v. 1.31.0.

We present list of the nearest Birthdays and notifications to managers about tasks of subordinates as well as updated chat and changed map of user sessions, and much more.

  1. “Manual” selection of respondents in 360 polls
  2. Separate page for “Birthdays” and automatic dispatch of birthday greetings
  3. We keep managers informed about tasks of subordinates
  4. New analytics – user behavior map
  5. Recognizing of time zones in Webinars
  6. Updated chat – capability to add several Moderators
  7. Cancelling of task on user’s choice only before completing
  8. “Confidentially” option in Polls
  9. Receiving notifications by e-mail about updates in Knowledge Base

1. “Manual” selection of respondents in 360 polls

360 Poll is an approach to collecting subjective assessments of qualities of an employee from himself and his environment – colleagues, subordinates, managers, etc. It allows you to evaluate the employee from all sides, “in a circle” – hence the name – “360 poll”.

Collaborator helps automate the collection of these assessments and conduct such a poll as quickly as possible. In addition, poll organizers have tools for monitoring the process and analyzing its results in real time.

Prior to Collaborator 1.31.0, the assignment of respondents, those who fill in the questionnaire of 360 poll, was performed completely automatically. It was enough just to specify an employee that you want to assess, and to specify source of collecting assessments – from manager, one or more colleagues or subordinates, etc. The system automatically assigned questionnaires by organizational structure.

It might seem to be convenient – a minimum of manual actions and all you need just to be sure that the organizational structure contains correct data. For large organizations, this is very important and greatly simplifies HR-routine. However, as practice has shown, 360 polls are more important for small groups of personnel, usually just for managers. In this case, the correct selection of the respondents who are interviewed is particularly important. So “blind” automation is out of the question.

In current release, we added a “manual” mode for assigning the questionnaires. This mode, after selecting those who need to be assessed, allows you to specify who will assess and their role.

It is enough just to perform a few simple steps to organize such a poll:

  • create a questionnaire;
  • create 360 poll and specify “Assign mode = manually”;
  • assign the Task to those who need to be assessed;
  • go to sub-tasks, which show list of questionnaires to be assigned to the respondents;

  • supplement the list or remove unnecessary questionnaires from it.

You can combine two modes of assignment. First, complete the assignment of questionnaires by the organizational structure automatically, then switch the Task to “manual” mode and edit the list of questionnaires.

2. Separate page for “Birthdays” and automatic dispatch of birthday greetings

Each of us has people who help us, we are pleased to communicate with them and have common interests. And each of us felt a sense of annoyance when he forgot about birthdays of such people and missed opportunity to congratulate them on time. One of our good clients gave an idea of reminders about this. This idea was supported by other clients too.

Collaborator version 1.31.0 has received a new information page “Birthdays”, it is available from “Information” menu.

This is the list of the nearest birthdays of the company’s employees, where data is grouped according to characteristics of “Today”, “Future”, “Past”, indicating how many days have passed since the date of the event and how much is left till the next.

Each user of the system automatically receives a congratulation message by e-mail on his Birthday.

His colleagues, subordinates, managers receive an e-mail reminder about this event too.

Administrator can change the standard text of the message to be sent.

3. We keep managers informed about tasks of subordinates

There may be different reasons why it is important for managers to know what tasks have been assigned to their subordinates and its current status.

In Collaborator v.1.31.0, we added a new function that solves this issue.

Now manager can receive a letter in which all tasks assigned to his subordinates will be displayed.

Such a letter shows all expired, failed or forgotten tasks of each employee.

Administrator can enable “Send managers lists of their subordinates’ tasks” option in Reminders dialog on task management page (Training tasks – Tasks – Reminders).

“Send by timer every … days” parameter helps in adjusting frequency of sending letters.

4. New analytics – user behavior map

Map of user transitions before update

In this version, we have replaced user transition infographics with another tool for analyzing of user behavior in the system. Instead of round diagram, a “behavior map” of the user is displayed.

The map displays time and date of the transition from one page to another and purpose of the pages. Transitions to new pages are indicated by green arrows, returns – by blue.

Using the behavior map, you can determine how the user moved in the system, what functions were used (and when), how much time he spent on a particular page of the system.

We collect feedbacks on this feature to improve it. Please leave questions, comments and suggestions in Facebook group or at

5. Recognizing of time zones in Webinars

Webinars are one of the most popular technologies for distance learning. The problem of time zones in the context of conducting webinars is crucial for international companies.

In version 1.31.0, this problem is solved. The date and time of webinar beginning will be displayed to each participant according to his location. As a result, all participants will be connected to a webinar in time and will be able to communicate synchronously.

6. Updated chat – capability to add several Moderators

It can be difficult to manage a group chat channel with a large number of participants alone and the person in charge of the chat might need help. Now you can assign several Moderators for each channel in the chat. Moderators have the same rights as the Author, and can edit the created chat: add or delete its participants.

All Moderators are highlighted by green color in chat participants’ settings. To turn a participant into Moderator, you need just to put “check” in front of his name.

Assigning of new Moderators in chat

7. “Cancelling of task on user’s choice only before completing

In previous v. 1.30.0 release, we introduced a new “Refuse” function in tasks on user’s choice. The user could independently, without asking Administrator, remove his assignment from a task that he chose himself in Catalog.

In practice, this function began to be used even for those tasks that were completed. The cancellations of tasks led to losing of results and data in reports – as if the user did not pass this task at all.

But we have updated this function. And now the user can refuse a task, only if he did not receive final mark, i.e. the task is either not started or in the process of completion. This will help to keep correct information in Study history and correct rating of the user.

8. “Confidentially” option in Polls

We did not expect that polls will be used in confidential mode, but it happens sometimes. For example, polls are conducted and its’ results must be kept in the system, but only some people should have access to them.

We added a new option to polls – “Confidentially”. After saving the settings, the poll results are available only to the author of this poll.

You can cancel this configuration only before the first saving; otherwise you will have to create a new poll again.

9. Receiving notifications by e-mail about updates in Knowledge Base

As soon as a new resource appears in Knowledge Base or an old one is updated, all users who have access to it are notified about this. Such notifications are displayed in “New in Knowledge Base” widget and on “Knowledge Base Notifications” page.

In this version, notifications will automatically be sent by e-mail.

All these functions work when “Use resource access restrictions” option is enabled in “Knowledge Base management”. A message about updating or adding new resources is received and seen only by people who are part of Knowledge Base access groups.

Users will be informed about adding a new resource and can go directly to it from a link in the received email.

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Юлия Суржикова

Content Manager LMS Collaborator

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