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Collaborator Road Map – Part 1. Start of the way

We are beginning the way to the implementation of distance learning. You have already established personal contact with employees and correctly presented them the need of training, and your coaches are ready to create and update educational content.

What is next? Should you straightway admit everyone to the system or is it better to “prepare the ground” first? What information should you submit first? Where to start in order to interest everyone?
We will share with you simple, but very important recommendations, as well as small tricks about how and where to start, so that the learning process at once will become an easy and useful habit for your employees.

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Collaborator Road Map. Five steps prior to eLearning implementation

If you have already been thinking about eLearning as an economical and effective form of staff training, but still stand at the parting of the ways and do not know where to go – the Collaborator Roadmap will help you. These are practical steps for the harmonious and effective implementation of the distance-learning platform, which we are developed based on our own experience in implementation of educational portals for various companies.

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