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The future of webinar after 2020

The History of Webinars: a Meteoric Rise and…

A Short Background

From my Internet-free childhood, I remember “TV Bridges” – a hit of Soviet television. It was a very popular show and an extraordinary event. They were held almost in real time, with a delay of only a couple of seconds, or even less. Two studios in different parts of the world could communicate visually, the correspondents gave a live broadcast from the scene, and Kashpirovsky treated people with hypnotic suggestion.

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A Good Test vs a Bad Test, or How NOT to Make a Knowledge Assessment Test

It is difficult to make a good knowledge assessment test. I faced this problem back in 2003. We started a distance learning system (DLS) at Vinnytsia National Technical University and began to accumulate a database of tests for various courses. It is impossible to say that all of them were perfect. All teachers, including experienced ones, made mistakes that turned the tests ineffective.

Later, we created our learning platform – Collaborator. This is an LMS for business. And now, when it serves more than fifty companies in Ukraine, I again see similar errors in test questions.
It might seem that making a good test is impossible without solid methodological skills and pedagogical experience. But in fact, common sense, a little time and some simple tricks are enough to receive a good result. I’ll tell you about them.

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How to Organize Onboarding of Employees Using LMS

Have you ever wondered what kind of impression your company leaves on newcomers on the grounds of its adaptation program? The first impression is the most important one. It is this
impression that defines whether the new employee will become part of your team or leave after a week of probation.

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(Русский) Как Collaborator переживает карантин: адаптация, удаленка и приток задач

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