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Management by Objectives in Collaborator: experience of ProZorro

In release of Collaborator 1.30.0, we introduced new functionality “Management by Objectives”. It was created in collaboration with “ProZorro” as a modern approach to organization management.

Today we want to talk about how the idea of new management principles was introduced in ProZorro and history of its implementation. We asked its creators Yuriy Bugay and Oleksandr Starodubtsev to share details of this process.

Yuriy Bugay: one of the creators of the electronic trading system ProZorro, formerly head of Government procurement regulation Department at Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, now head of the eHealth project office





Oleksandr Starodubtsev: head of Government procurement regulation Department at Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine, coordinator at “Nova Krajina” Civil Platform and “Transparent Procurement” Civil Initiative, creator of the electronic trading system ProZorro



Miroslav Botsula: Co-founder and development coordinator of LMS Collaborator



How it was started?

ProZorro – is an electronic system of govern procurement, which replaced paper tenders in 2016. ProZorro’s team constantly supports and improves this system. The system involves new people and new organizations into reform process in Ukraine. Such changes required new principles of process management and new tools, which allow setting goal for the entire team in a single environment.

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Adaptive Learning: Five Common Misconceptions

The article was published with the purpose of translation into Russian language

 Copyright 2017 Learning Solutions Magazine

“Course completions and hours spent in training are no longer sufficient measures for success, and employees now have the resources to look elsewhere for development opportunities that meet their individual needs. Adaptive learning can enable L&D to address these needs, articulate the value of their work, and ultimately transform the business through rapid capability growth.”

Employee capability is now THE differentiator in modern business. Companies can no longer compete based solely on familiar factors, such as product or price. It takes skilled people to foster the innovations and experiences that help your organization stand out in a crowded marketplace. But, in an environment where organizations are evolving constantly and employee needs are a moving target, how can L&D keep pace with the speed of business? This is why, as a modern L&D leader, you must begin to integrate adaptive learning principles into your workplace learning strategy.

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Collaborator: training as part of the job

Nowadays only few people will be surprised by online courses or online lectures – anyone can open browser and find lesson, book or educational film that is interesting for them. Self-development and self-education are gaining momentum, and therefore, distance-learning systems are constantly being improved and updated.

Executives are interested in quality work of the company and do everything they can to achieve this goal. They organize online trainings for individual employees or the whole team. At the same time, employees should perceive training as part of their work – not a compulsion. The main task of the manager is to prepare high-quality materials and strategies for employee training.

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Collaborator has become an internal portal of “Trust” bank

How to train personnel if staff number exceeds hundreds of people and branch offices are spread out across the country?

Zlata Lupilina, former director of staff learning and quality assurance department at “Trust” bank. She held this position from May to December 2016. At the end of the year, the bank was found to be insolvent and National Bank of Ukraine started liquidation proceedings.


When I joined “Trust”, the recent project for development of retail lending network had started there and the bank had been massively recruiting new specialists. Our department consisting of three members had received two tasks from the executive team: to set up learning process for new employees and to organize training for current ones. We had to launch a program, which would allow to train staff as proficient as possible with minimal financial and time expenditures.

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Meetups in Collaborator

eLearning is the future of corporate learning, however, it is not a panacea for personnel training. If face-to-face HR management is omitted, the training would not achieve desired results. That is why it is difficult to dispense with face-to-face or group trainings also known as meetups. Since now, Collaborator allows to combine meetups with eLearning – it is possible to organize blended learning.

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Зарубежный опыт разработки электронных курсов для госслужащих

Сейчас у нас в Украине в рамках проекта «Електронне врядування задля підзвітності влади та участі громади» (EGAP) ведутся работы по организации и разработке дистанционного обучения государственных служащих, которые будут задействованы в Электронном управлении. Мы участвуем в разработке части электронных курсов вместе с другими экспертами из 5-ти регионов нашей страны.

22-24 февраля в Национальной академии государственного управления при Президенте Украины проводилась конференция, семинары и тренинги участников  проекта. Одним из приглашенных тренеров была Дэлин Гусен (Dalene Goosen, Cape Town Area, South Africa) – эксперт и консультант в области eLearning.

22-24 февраля в Национальной академии государственного управления при Президенте Украины проводилась конференция, семинары и тренинги участников  проекта EGAP.

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Мы постоянно проводим мониторинг работы Collaborator у каждого нашего клиента. Что уже позволяет нам своевременно выявлять и устранять дефекты, которые могут возникнуть. Но чтобы исключить само появление дефектов мы внедрили в процесс разработки автоматическое тестирование.

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LMS Collaborator


LMS Collaborator is an e-learning platform for staff development and cooperation. It was released in 2013 by the Ukrainian developers team. The purpose of development – the creation of a technically modern alternative to the existing systems of distance learning in companies and organizations. Collaborator – is one app that works effectively on all modern devices and browsers, and practically independent of the software of user environment. LMS Collaborator is based on the REST API methodology, which allows it to quickly, flexibly and without conflicts integrate into any information ecosystem.

Collaborator in Latin means the Employee. We focus on use of the platform for adult learning and constantly adjust the development under the relevant objectives of the process.

Collaborator is also called learning management system that reflects only one aspect of the use of our platform. On the other hand Collaborator is a system of automated knowledge creation organization which is growing, filling with resources and internal communications in the course of training and employee engagement.

Collaborator homepage

Collaborator homepage contains different widgets to display operational information.

Numerous add-on modules extend the functions of the system and facilitate user collaboration: work tasks tracker, forum, chat, polls, as described in 360 °, a news ticker, wiki-encyclopedia, alerts and voting, and many others.

In addition, there is also the inner side of the system – data collection. Collaborator captures all user actions, their activity in learning and interaction. Constantly accumulated a large database and its information can be effectively analyzed with the help of dynamic reports and infographics that reflect the specified data sampling conditions.

Collaborator system is already successfully established itself and is used by many companies, has partners in the USA, Germany, China and Kazakhstan. Our clients include such well-known brands such as MTI, Brocard, Omron Healthcare Ukraine, Bank Trust, EasyPay, Prozorro and others.

The ideology of the traning organization

The main purpose of Collaborator platform – implementation of educational portals for companies and organizations. Education is focused on a conscious adult contingent.

My tasks

List of educational tasks assigned to the user

Therefore, based on the learning process the principle of learning by setting goals. Each employee receives a list of educational tasks to be executed. This may be a self-study books, videos or articles on the Internet, the performance of the test or filling in the survey questionnaire, passing a training course or an entire training program.

Completing quests can be limited in time or indefinite leave. Each job contains training resources, which are essential for its formulation or execution.

Teaching materials and resources

The Collaborator Educational Resources are separate system objects. This approach allows us to use them repeatedly in different jobs and with different parameters. For example, the same test can be used in one job permission verification answers, and the other with a time limit, and fewer problems in the sample.


Educational portal resources

The resource can be a file (video, audio, e-book), a web page, website, link to the Internet, the SCORM module, and so on, any object that can be displayed by the browser. Certain types of training resources that are designed not only to view, are tests, integration tests and surveys. Of the resources, tests and surveys collected Courses. The combination of courses and resources, tests and surveys form the curriculum.

Collaborator includes built-in tools for creating, converting and editing Resources, Tests and Surveys. Audio and video files are automatically converted to the format that works in all browsers and on all devices. Presentation MS Power Point and PDF formats will be converted to web format, MS Word documents and Google Docs – in a web page, etc.

Knowledge base

All published resources form Collaborator Knowledge Base portal. Resources allocated to the tree of categories and additional markings differ.

Besides resource knowledge base automatically switches on all the news article wiki-encyclopedia and forum posts.

Contextual search the Knowledge Base allows you to quickly find the desired information. This takes into account the selected category and given the label of resources and access rights to the current user’s information.

Поиск в Базе знаний

Contextual a search on the Knowledge Base allows for tags, categories of resources and the rights of the user’s access to information

Communication tools and gamification

At the Collaborator, there are many ways to organize communication and communication between users:

  • ads and notifications about events;
  • commenting on educational tasks;
  • forum discussions;
  • polls and vote;
  • formulation and discussion of work tasks (TaskTracker);
  • webinars;
  • chat.

Discussion of the issues on the forum – voting experts determined on the issue.

In the Collaborator regularly develope and integrate gamification tools:

  • counting school rankings, success and ranking of educational activity of the user;
  • assessment of user comments and posts – the formation of an expert rating;
  • scale achievements and user rating;
  • and other instruments.
Мониторинг развития сотрудника

History courses reflects the dynamics of employee

Reports and performance monitoring of users

Colloborator collects and stores detailed information about user activity and their learning outcomes. In real time, you can learn

  • how the progress on the date of certification units,
  • the speed with which viewed the training materials,
  • some test questions for users were the most difficult or easy,
  • what resources are the most popular,
  • that the portal user uses most often
  • and much more

With the help of filters and simple infographic reports allows to analyze data

The architecture of the data warehouse allows you to get reports of any complexity. Built-in filtering and infographics tools help to quickly analyze data and find answers to some questions of the learning process.

Main technical features

A stack of technologies and concepts on which is built Collaborator: PHP, NodeJs, nginx, Redis, MySQL, ElasticSearch, HTML5, CSS3, AngularJS, Boorstrap CSS, REST API.

Стек технологийWhat it does:

  • modern web technologies that allow Collaborator system to equally run on desktop
  • computers and mobile devices;
  • security course materials, and ways of access to the educational portal;
  • no need to install additional software on user workstations;
  • easy scaling solutions, high productivity and performance at high loads;
  • flexible and fast retrieval of information;
  • clean, ergonomic and user-friendly interface;
  • and flexible integration with any data exchange information systems.
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