(Русский) Теория поколений, адаптация новых сотрудников и карта компетенций – о чем говорили на Винницком бизнес форуме №3

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Collaborator 1.39.0 – monetization of content, filtering users by status, contact numbers in organizational structure and other news

Please welcome Collaborator v.1.39.0!

In this version:

  1. Paid access to content in Collaborator
  2. Adding comments to criteria groups of 360° polls
  3. Exporting reports on 360° polls to Excel
  4. Filtering by user status
  5. Security log: displaying of changes in user profile data
  6. More contact information in Organizational structure

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Collaborator 1.38.0 — “Service desk” tool, files in tasks of Individual Plan, news text in email dispatch and many more

We released Collaborator v. 1.38.0!

In this release:

  1. Requests for professional development
  2. Service desk for automation of business processes
  3. Attaching files to Individual Plan tasks
  4. Administrator’s chat without user confirmation
  5. Displaying news text in email

Give employees the opportunity to confirm their qualifications through requests, add files to Individual Plans, attract employees to read news through email dispatch. More details in this digest:

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Collaborator 1.37.0 – Canceling of tasks via employee profile, column with assignment type, “funnel” in report and other updates

We released Collaborator v.1.37.0!

In the current release:

  1. Canceling of the assigned task via the employee profile
  2. Delay of assigning by automation rule
  3. Additional user filter – “Assignment” column
  4. Replacement of iceberg by funnel in success review infographics
  5. Gallery resource in email notifications
  6. Additional Settings for Birthdays

Automate the assignment of tasks and notices to beginners according to the plans, send email notification about the notices using Galleries, and change the settings of Birthday notifications dispatching! Read about these features in the new digest:

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